App ClapReverb

Now available on the App Store! ClapReverb allows you to measure the reverberation time of a room with a simple clapboard and gives you recommendations on the acoustic quality of a room. In acoustics, the reverberation time (TR) is a criterion conventionally used to analyze the performance of a closed space. Is the room too reverberant or too dry? This application is a very useful tool for architects, interior designers, engineers and any other person wishing to take into account the acoustic factor in the design of their projects. The application makes it easy to measure reverb times and compare results with typical values. All this in a hand clap!

Download ClapReverb on the Apple Store

Connected building and infrastructure – noise, vibration and dust monitoring stations

Regulations are becoming more stringent and detailed with respect to environmental noise, vibration and air quality. We offer stand-alone (solar panels) or powered connected monitoring stations to collect the various data in real time and display them on the Web. The management of the alerts also makes it possible to ensure the respect of the defined thresholds.



Tool for auralization

To be able to listen to the different performances of our solutions, we develop a tool for auralization. The goal is that our customers can use this system as a decision support tool to justify the costs generated by the various solutions offered.