Auditorium and Museum – Air Canada


Architect Museum: Provencher Roy – Architect Auditorium: Architecture 49 – Surface: 800 m2 – Date : 2015

Global description

The project includes two different areas of the head office of Air Canada in Montreal : the creation of a museum and the creation of an auditorium. These two spaces are integrated in Air Canada’s current headquarters which involves the consideration of an existing construction. The museum includes a presentation space with window displays and PA system as well as an immersive space with video projection and surround sound. The auditorium has a capacity of about 200 seats. A special interior design is requested and a room acoustic suitable for the organization of conferences.

Museum challenges

In the museum, the main challenge was to optimize the acoustic insulation performance of walls to limit the impact of the PA system in the immersion room on other areas. Particularly, the adjacent offices and cafeteria must remain calm and conducive to the comfortable places exchanges. Thus INSUL software was used to assist in the partitions assembly optimization.

Auditorium Challenge

The study main goal was to optimize the auitorium room acoustics to achieve an acoustic conducive to the speaker’s voice intelligibility and listener’s questions. The design of the auditorium volume, the ceiling and governance areas has been achieved. In addition walls, ceiling and floor materials according to their location were defined. Reflective panels on the ceiling above the stage and absorbent panels on the walls have been optimized to achieve predefined acoustic rooms criteria.