For several years now, the governments of Canada and Quebec have been planning infrastructure projects to improve many of Quebec’s education facilities. A substantial budget has been provided to create healthy, stimulating living and study spaces that meet the needs of young people. The program calls for the creation of modern facilities adapted to the pedagogical, environmental and architectural requirements of students and teaching staff.

The design of the common spaces and classrooms must promote learning, skills development and the well-being of all users. The construction of these new schools incorporates acoustic criteria to be respected, such as reverberation in classrooms, sound and vibration insulation between different units, and the quality of the public adress system.
As a large proportion of teaching in classrooms is transmitted through vocal communication, we need to be aware of the issues at stake and the consequences that poor acoustic design can have. Poor intelligibility of the teacher’s words will degrade the quality and effectiveness of his or her teaching.
A7hz team isproud to have been chosen to work alongside the architects on these projects. Initially, we worked on the Functional and Technical Programming to define the acoustic requirements for all the schools in this provincial project.
We were also asked to participate in the design of several schools, thanks to our experience in acoustics for educational buildings. These include Lasalle High School, Mirabel School, Laval High School and Chambly High School. Our studies meet LEED certification criteria, while our technical analysis enables us to make recommendations tailored to your objectives and regulatory standards.

Secondary School of Mirabel:

Secondary School of LaSalle:

Secondary School of Chambly :

Secondary School of Laval:

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