Beta testers??

We are looking for Beta Testers to test the first version of the ClapReverb Application on the Apple iOS interface. This application allows you to measure the reverberation times of a room just by clapping your hands!

As promised, the ClapReverb app will soon be available for free on the Apple Store. If you are the proud owner of an Apple phone or tablet, we invite you to participate in our Beta application test program and download the application before anyone else. The process is very simple and completely free!

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ClapReverb, what is it for ??

ClapReverb allows you to measure the reverberation time of a room with a simple hand clap. Place your phone/tablet in the middle of a room, wait for the validation signal and clap your hands five times. The system then gives you the reverberation times at the most useful frequencies and helps you build your opinion on the acoustic quality of the room.

The usefulness of the reverberation time: In acoustics, the reverberation time (RT) is a criterion conventionally used to analyse the performance of a closed space. Is the room too reverberating or too dry?

Simple use: Everything has been thought of to make the application easy to use. Clean design and simple explanations. The important thing is to wait for a calm moment, to remain calm (stay silent) and to clap your hands hard (palms a little rounded). It’s funny, fun and useful.

A decision support tool for architects and interior designers: This application is a very useful tool for architects, interior designers, engineers and any other person wishing to take into account the acoustic factor in the design of its projects. The app makes it easy to measure reverberation times and compare results with typical values. All this in the clap of hands!Thereafter, you can make the decision to carry out suitable acoustic treatments if necessary.

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