Acoustics and vibrations engineering in Quebec city
Our Quebec office had a lot of opportunities to develop during 2021 and we can now offer all of our engineering services in the Quebec, Sauenay and Bas-Saint-Laurent. We cover renovations projects, housing, acoustic conformity, industrial development, quarries/sandpits and mining operations. Contact us if you have a project.

These days, where isolation is a reality, we wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year 2022. We wish you success, meeting some great people and performing projects in acoustics and vibrations.

REM prolongation and Quebec tramway – Acoustic and vibrations impact study 

The CDPQ trusted us to participate in the acoustic and vibrations impact study for the REM prolongation in the East. With our partners, AECOM / SYSTRA, we could test our new methods to measure the decay of vibrations in the ground and the ground/buildings coupling

Cultural and institutionnal projects – Is Atelier7hz a leader in Quebec?

By developing our team and our skills, Atelier7hz became a major player in the realization of cultural projects such as theaters and institutional projects. Our conception methods, constant innovation and governmental support allows us to be the leaders in cultural projects. Concerts, expositions, schools, sports Complex, aquatic Complex, etc. Discover the many projects we worked on.

Acoustic antenna and intensimetry probe – Breach detection and separation of industrial sounds

Our acoustic camera CAE and our intensimetry probe from B&K make us able to realise industrial and environmental studies where we separate sound sources. This type of tools is of paramount importance to assure the characterization of precise sources and to reduce the costs of solutions by dimensioning them as precisely as possible.

SoundTech for Good Event

20th of January 2022, 14h to 18h

New services in service to a shared world. Beyond the importance of music in our lives, the attention to sound is now paramount. In the context of the pandemic, the sound, voice and audio of the devices we use became a key medium to preserve our human relationships. The event presents experimentations as well as sectors in which the impact is visible. This forum gives a voice to committed personalities that can, with this medium, discover new angles to their views on their sector. Precursors, bold people but also experts and visionnaries.


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