Today we celebrate the International Day of Happiness!

The definition of happiness is different for everyone but we take advantage of this day to focus on the places we frequent on a daily basis. We believe that feeling good in the place we live, or work in, is a reachable goal that would benefit everybody. 

And yet, according to a study by the World Health Organization, noise still is the second source of pollution after air pollution. This is true in homes, work environment, and outdoors in both urban and rural areas. 

Working on interior acoustics, insulation and interior noise levels can greatly contribute to the comfort and happiness of users. This also applies in offices, especially those with an open area: we spend a large part of our day at work there, so it is crucial that they have suitable acoustics to avoid noise pollution. These can indeed harm the health and affect the quality of the work of the people working there.

Outdoor areas are also affected by this problem, such as public transport or public places. We work on improving the sound environment in these spaces, contributing to everyone’s happiness !

We believe that evolving in a calm outdoor environment is pleasant because it allows you to take advantage of these precious moments of break to regenerate physically and psychologically. We all know that feeling of relief we get when we come out of a noisy environment – when we were immersed in it without even realizing it.

At Atelier 7hz, we are proud to provide you with acoustic and vibration solutions and thus contribute to your happiness every day!


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