Like public pipeline repairs, many types of works can be a source of vibrations and therefore require special attention in order to preserve the integrity of structures and the safety of local residents.
Indeed, vibration and sound studies must be carried out prior to the start of the work to assess the condition of the buildings that will be subjected to these vibrations and avoid accelerating their deterioration.
A7hz is proud to have the expertise and experience necessary for this type of study and to work in collaboration with public services and companies such as Michaudville Inc, Excavation, Pomerleau or Eurovia.

These vibration studies allow our clients to compare the results to the DIN 4150 standard on the effect of vibrations on buildings. This standard is widely used in the majority of project specifications for construction works in major cities, because it establishes vibration thresholds that must be respected in order to prevent the work from causing structural and economic damage, such as the detachment of partitions or the appearance of cracks in walls.
By carrying out inspections on buildings, we are therefore able to identify structures that are already weakened and to install fissurometers that will allow the analysis and monitoring of existing cracks.
In connection with this tool, A7hz also installs autonomous connected stations such as noise and vibration monitoring stations in order to record, over a set period of time, continuous data and to receive alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded.

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