Atelier 7hz recently collaborated with the SAT team on a project aimed at building a database of impulse responses, that can be used to develop auralization projects. The first measurements took place in the Maison Symphonique in Montréal, where impulse responses have been measured for a large range of locations.

An omnidirectional source manufactured by Atelier 7hz and several omnidirectional and ambisonic microphones were used during the measurements. In total, more than 200 transmitter/receiver combinations were considered. The sweep method was used for this study, as the measurement conditions with a low and constant background noise were compatible with its use. This type of method made it possible to obtain impulse responses usable for audio listening of much better quality than the MLS method that we classically use with a better signal-to-noise ratio.

The impulse responses calculated afterwards give valuable information about the acoustics in this place. They are the “signature” of a theater and make it unique. The SAT is working on the design of a virtual tour of the Maison Symphonique using this data to reproduce the perception of a listener when moving through the Space. A sound “morphing” method for generating intermediate impulse responses between two reference points is under development.

It was an exciting experience for the Atelier 7hz team! We were able to test and experiment with new methods. Thank you to the SAT team for this great collaboration! Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Here is a video of The Montreal Symphony House:

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