Concert hall Le Ministère in Montreal


General description

Le Ministère is a theater situated in a former bank on St-Laurent boulevard. Open since 2017, it earned a Felix for the best show room of 2018. The venue has a capacity of 288 visitors, has a permit for all ages presentations and offers a turnkey service for lots of event types. Being perfectly soundproofed and equipped with top notch audio-visual as well as a mixing studio, Le Ministère concert hall is perfect for multi camera projects, high-quality live streaming and multitrack recording to miss nothing of an event.

Main challenges

The acoustic study we conducted was centered on reverberation and intelligibility. The conception of the materials for the show room was thought to limit echo and the acoustic of the room was adapted to this same goal. The soundproofing performance were optimized and a control of the noise control of the noise of the ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems was relaized.  
Year : 2017 – Client : LABE