Desjardins Group offices in Montreal

Global description

Several floors have been occupied for several years by call centers and these floors have been designed with open ceilings (exposed electromechanical systems). This generates a certain embarrassment among the occupants of the floors who denounce a permanent discomfort while they are constantly on the phone. The problem persists despite renovations undertaken in 2021 (the work was not specifically aimed at correcting the situation). Atelier 7hz was mandated to find the cause and propose actions to solve this problem.


The floors are already equipped with a dynamic sound masking system, but the effect of this system is not conclusive. Measurements were taken on site and various possible solutions to be implemented were provided in order to reduce the perceived sound level and acoustic discomfort.

Date : 2022 – Architect : Provencher Roy– Client : Mouvement Desjardins