Expansion of the Paul-Chagnon elementary school in Saint-Hubert

Global description

 Schools are important living environments for our young people. They must offer them a healthy, safe, stimulating environment adapted to their needs, in order to promote their learning and the development of their full potential. This is why acoustics is a fundamental element to be studied in the different living areas of the school: classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, studios, documentation centre, laboratories, auditorium… The exterior compliance of the building to nearby residences must also be validated.



 Many recommendations were issued following the study of the internal and external noise compliance of mechanical equipment, as well as the study of the acoustic insulation of interior partitions, the acoustic insulation of the building envelope , and reverberation in the large spaces of the school.


Date : 2022 – Architect : Smith Vigeant – Jodoin Lamarre Pratte Architecte – Client : Smith Vigeant – Jodoin Lamarre Pratte Architecte