Chapel of the Little Sisters of the Holy-Family

Global description

The Little Sisters of the Saint-Family have the project to refurbish their chapel. The conceptualization of the project has been entrusted to the architectural firm ACDF. To ensure the acoustic quality of this space, ACSF has joined Atelier 7hz for their services. The different acoustic aspects of the project were discussed. The study has allowed to present the acoustic calculation results of the rooms and the recommendations associated in order to optimize the acoustic of the chapel. The objective is to ensure a good acoustic comfort and a good intelligibility in the chapel.


In the chapel and in the meeting room, optimizing the acoustic of this type of place involves lowering the reverberation time and increasing intelligibility between the altar and the faithful. A low reverberation time is often associated to a positive perception of a space. This enhances the perceived image of the space. The reverberation time can be decreased by adding absorbent materials. Their surfaces and performances are then important.


Surface : 300 m2 – Year : 2015-2016 – Architect : ACDF