Rolland-Brunelle room of the Desjardins cultural center in Joliette

Global description

The Rolland-Bruelle room will celebrate its 100 years anniversary in 2027, it saw a lot of spectators come and go. As such, it will need to be freshened up to provide a better experience to its spectators and help with the efficiency of the employees setting up the room. A LEED certification is also one of the goals of the procedure.


The study was conducted about the acoustics of the room (Reverberation, intelligibility, etc.). An innovative conception of the lateral walls was put in place to limit the echo in the room and the acoustics of the room was adapted for the shows. The performance of the acoustic isolation and the noise control of the ventilation, air conditioning and heating were optimized. 


Year : 2020-2021 – Architect : Atelier TAG – Client: City of Joliette