BimWorld 2023

This year’s edition of BIMWorld 2023 will take place on April 5 and 6 in Paris, France, and will be an opportunity for construction and real estate professionals to discuss all the challenges raised by the industry’s constant evolution.

What is BIM

This gathering will also be a meetup between the various trades who work and collaborate on the same projects. The success of these projects is made possible by the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling), which is a management system for the design and monitoring of construction for architectural projects.
Entirely articulated around new technologies, the design of the building is indeed carried out thanks to a 3D model representing the data and physical characteristics deposited by the various participants of the project and thus constitute a common database.

The use of software such as Revit is necessary for the modeling of shared information and allows the detection of potential problems well before their materialization on the construction site. The project participants have a platform to ask questions, obtain opinions or propose solutions on different themes or situations encountered. With optimized communication, construction delays and the resulting additional costs can be anticipated and dealt with in advance.

Acoustical challenges and BIM integration

Atelier 7hz is pleased to take part in the design of projects by working on plans or REVIT models through BIM platforms in order to bring all our expertise in acoustics and vibrations. Anxious to provide a quality service to customers and our partners, our team of acoustical engineers occupies more than a simple role of consultant with the manufacturers but a real function of actor of the project and expert in our field of competence.

The integration of acoustic issues in the construction phases has been growing for several years with the appearance of the Acoustic and Environmental BIM (BIMAE) and the modeling of the sound environment related to an urban planning project. The conceptualization of the acoustic and vibratory landscape of a project during the construction phase also allows to anticipate the impacts that the works may have on the existing or future structures.

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