We wish you a very happy new year 2020, rich in good vibrations and melodious noises. For Atelier 7hz, this year promises to be a resounding one. Our major project this year is the study of urban noise and the proposal of new global solutions to observe it, control it and encourage projects with less exposure to it. Always keen on new technologies, we have some innovation projects in progress in signal processing and 3D printing that we will present to you this year. ClapReverb has also just had a facelift with Calpreverb 2.0 intended for architects and real estate developers!

The themes covered in our January 2020 newsletter are the following:

  • Environmental noise days : 12 – 13 november 2019
  • 3D printing: Professional speaker and environmental protection
  • Environmental noise : Good noise management practices in the city
  • We are recruiting!

Please click below for the full newsletter: http://x33g6.mjt.lu/nl2/x33g6/m6xu4.html?hl=fr

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