Congratulations to CRT Construction for receiving the Génie-Voirie award for sustainable development! This prize was awarded by the Association des constructeurs de routes et grands travaux du Québec (ACRGTQ) and Constructo during the 2022 edition.

The winning company carried out the rehabilitation of the railway bridge over the Port-Daniel River in the municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons.
Concerned about the environment, a real reflection was carried out to reduce the ecological impact of the work. Thus, we can underline the use of biodegradable hydraulic oil, the revalorization of materials and the preservation of several portions of the existing structures.
Construction companies must be aware of their responsibility to use more environmentally friendly methods and materials, and this is notably the case for CRT Construction.
A7hz is proud to have worked in collaboration with CRT Construction on this ambitious project and is pleased to be the partner of companies that limit their ecological impact.

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