UQAC school in Chicoutimi – Acoustic and vibration study

Global description

UQAC is a renowned university in Chicoutimi. Study and research premises need ideal acoustics and minimal vibrations, in order to allow work in the best conditions. The nanotechnology laboratory at the Pavilion of the Technological Park of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi has been refurbished. It was on this occasion that the vibration assessment was carried out, and that recommendations were provided to reach the thresholds required for the proper functioning of sensitive equipment. An acoustic study of the dehumidification equipment in the UQAC arena was also carried out, as players can hardly converse with each other because of this equipment, which is considered noisy.


The challenges were varied for this project. Some laboratory equipment requires very low vibration thresholds, so it has been checked that these thresholds are respected, and recommendations on the location of the equipment have been given. In order to reduce the nuisance caused by the equipment in the arena, solutions were also presented, such as the enclosure of the equipment and the installation of acoustic shutters.


Date : 2021 – Client : City of Saguenay