Claude Robillard sports complex in Montreal – Acoustic study

Global description

The Claude Robillard sports complex, located in the city of Montreal, is under renovation. Once all the renovation phases have been completed, more than 60% of the total floor area will have been renovated and the City of Montreal ultimately wishes to obtain LEED certification. The study consists of defining the acoustic issues of the project, then determining which of the LEED criteria in acoustics are relevant to address among the issues identified. Finally, an acoustic study is carried out and recommendations are proposed to optimize the comfort of use of the building or to achieve the applicable LEED criteria.


Different spaces were studied, for which three applicable LEED credit criteria related to the acoustic performance of the project (ambient sound level, acoustic insulation of new premises and reverberation time.) were presented. Recommendations for sound level control in sports areas and sound insulation between offices and multipurpose rooms have therefore been issued in order to achieve the criteria in these areas.


Date : 2021 – Client : Riopel Associés Architecte