New Mirabel aquatic complex –

Acoustic study

Global description

The new aquatic complex located in the city of Mirabel is a project requiring an in-depth acoustic study. Indeed, the project includes large premises (swimming pools) where the control of acoustics (reverberation) is a major issue, potentially noisy equipment, and various spaces to be isolated. Atelier 7Hz has thus carried out a study of the reverberation time for the optimization of acoustics in the area of the pools, as well as a study of the interior noise of the mechanical systems and the acoustic insulation.


The complex was modeled in 3 dimensions and integrated with sound simulation software in order to determine the foreseeable reverberation duration inside, and to determine an acoustic treatment according to the defined objectives. An in-depth study of the architectural compositions also made it possible to assess the foreseeable sound insulation and recommendations were given to improve the soundproofing performance of partitions and junctions, for example. Mechanical recommendations were also presented following the calculations of predictable ambient sound levels.


Date : 2021 – Client : Poirier Fontaine Architectes