Construction site of new canalization of the Atwater factory

Global description

The project has consisted in the realisation of the following phases:

  • Sound and vibration management program and a follow-up plan redaction
  • Measurement of characterization of the sound and vibration environment before the work
  • Standalone permanent noise and vibration monitoring stations in 4 locations


The acoustic and vibration follow ups are the biggest challenge in this project. The implanted stations can automatically send alarms if there is an exceeding of threshold. The principal challenge regarding the vibration is that part of the excavation is blasting. An accurate tracking of vibratory levels and a close collaboration with the construction team is therefore performed. The site is implanted in a calm zone but near noisy other sites. The challenge at the noise level is therefore the separation of different sources of noise.


Year : 2017-2018 – Client : CRT Construction contrator for Montreal City