University of Montreal Tunnel

 Global description

University of Montreal has the project to refurbish the access tunnel between the subway station and the buildings of the university. The conceptualization of the project was entrusted to the architectural firm Lemay et Associés. To assure the acoustic quality in this space, Lemay et Associés have joined Atelier 7hz for their services. The different acoustic aspects of the project were discussed. The study aims to present the results of acoustic calculation of the room and the related recommendations to optimize the acoustic of the place. The objective was to ensure a good acoustical comfort and a good intelligibility in the tunnel.


The access tunnel of the University of Montreal is a transit place. The acoustic optimization of this type of place involves lowering the reverberation time and increasing intelligibility. This enhances the perceived image of this space. The reverberation time can be lowered by adding absorbent materials. In this case, their surfaces and their performances are important. A good intelligibility makes it easy to converse and deliver understandable sound messages thanks to a sound system (information, evacuation, etc.). Intelligibility can be improved by dimensioning a suitable sound system, by increasing the number of early reflections and by decreasing the reverberation time. The intelligibility is well represented by Definition criterion D50.


Surface : 3000 m2 – Year : 2015-2016 – Architect : Lemay et Associés