Value analysis of the replacement of the curtain wall of the Palais de Justice de Montréal

Global description

The curtain wall of the Palais de Justice in Montreal has been replaced. In this context, it is necessary to follow the dismantling of the curtain wall, to ensure the acoustic performance of the new curtain wall, and to test the sound propagation between two floors or two suites on the same floor. Atelier 7hz will assist all professionals in developing the basic requirements, implementation requirements and constraint factors as well as the technical requirements related to the curtain wall replacement work.


Acoustic measurements of background noise, acoustic measurements relating to certain construction and demolition activities and vibration measurements were carried out simultaneously on three floors during the curtain wall dismantling tests. Recommendations have been issued to reduce the noise impact of dismantling.

Date : 2022 – Architect : STGM + Groupe A – Client : STGM + Groupe A