For several years in Canada, new residential projects must integrate in their construction criteria of quality and requirement always higher in order to meet the needs of the residents and must thus take into account the regulatory constraints in acoustics.

A7hz and its specialists have been working alongside architects since the beginning to bring their expertise and skills in acoustical engineering for the design and/or construction of several residential projects such as the The Selection Panorama and One BLVD Montreal with ACDF Architects, or The Peterson Condominium with Karl Fisher Architects:

The issue of noise propagation between dwellings has also been taken into account in the National Building Code 2015 (NBC), setting a threshold of sound insulation between two dwellings of ITS 50 or ITSA 47. The fight against noise is a global issue, as the WHO revealed in its latest report on hearing, estimating that by 2050, approximately 1 in 4 people will be affected by hearing loss.

Our experience allows us to provide solutions adapted to different situations with the realization of precise and reliable measurements as well as the drafting of technical reports containing our recommendations.

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