Have you ever wondered how other planets sound like ?
The NASA shared audio recordings from the Perseverance rover on Mars, check it out 

Would you be able to tell if a recording comes from Mars ? Probably yes !
Mars atmosphere :
– is significantly colder than ours, so sound travels at only 60% of the speed here on Earth,
– has a low density (100 times less than Earth), making all noises quieter than expected,
– has a high CO2 content, which dissipates the high frequencies quickly

For example, play the “helicopter on mars” recording of the Ingenuity probe flying near the Perseverance rover, and listen how the lack of high frequencies distorts the sound.

The latest event was an meteorite hitting the red planet! You can hear 3 “blops” in the recording; the first one is when the meteorite entered Mars’ atmosphere, the second one is when it exploded in multiple pieces, and the last one is the impact on the ground. Fascinating!

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