Did you know that October 3 is World Habitat Day?

This day, which takes place on the first Monday of October each year, is recognized by the United Nations and highlights responsible, structured and sustainable urban development and seeks to make us reflect on the state of our cities and our homes.

This year’s theme is: “Mind the gap, leave no one and no place behind”. This focuses on the fundamental right to adequate and safe housing for all.

According to the document “Burden of disease from environmental noise” of the World Health Organization (WHO), continuous exposure to high and frequent noise levels such as a busy road or frequent airplanes passing through the area can contribute, among other things, to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. Other well-known impacts are increased stress or sleep problems. These symptoms emphasize the importance of housing with adequate acoustic design.

In the field of acoustics, acousticians like Atelier 7hz contribute to peaceful homes by considering all facets of the sound insulation of a home. Impact noise, airborne noise between apartments, noise from outside at the facade and noise from technical equipment such as ventilation or plumbing are important points to consider when designing a building.

For more details on the impacts of noise exposure in homes, we invite you to consult the article “Burden of disease from environmental”.

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